Some Girls Pant

Some Girls Pant


Lined flare pant.

"We listen to the Rolling Stones
On an old vinyl 
You told me how to place it
How to turn it on
We talk above the static record
Over the pop art
About my dad and then your mom
Both of our sisters
Our friends and our past lovers
Mine that never were
We talk of humbleness and vanity
And those in between
Of how some girls want the world
But that’s just not me
We talk through the night till dawn
Playing the same songs
And in the morning I will dream about 
Your famous last words
'We may have been doomed from the start
But I’m glad you’re here tonight'"



Size Small pictured on model

Model Measurements:
B- 32 1/2"
W- 25 1/2"
H- 36 1/2"

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